Where it all started...

You might think that adding this photo I took of a Lion onto a wedding photography page might be a bit bizarre. However there is a story behind it.

My love for photography started back in 2007 when I was 15 years old. My Dad is an avid lover of wildlife photography and I was always around photography equipment in my youth. Whilst my love for Photography has changed directions over the years to Weddings, I never forgot where it all started and the feeling it gave me.

Meet The Photographer

Hi! – I’m James. A candid, natural and relaxed photographer from Kent, covering the South of England and more. My biggest passion in photography is telling stories through my images. Sometimes that can happen in a single image, but more often than not, the story arc comes from a series of photographs. I think that’s why I love capturing weddings so much. Often, each image tells its own little story, but when put in context with the other images and footage from the day, tells a much richer story.

Where it's taken me...

Weddings have taken me all over Kent, England and parts of Europe for destination weddings. I absolutely love doing photography wherever it takes me and would love to travel further to your chosen location to capture your special day. Please see below for some lovely reviews my wonderful clients have left me, check out my portfolio and feel free to send me a message!